Home Staging Services

Vision Dekor will assist you in preparation and staging of your property while taking into consideration your budget, priorities and schedule. Vision Dekor home staging services include:

Consultation and Report

Step 1: A tour of the inside and outside of the property with the client, followed by a discussion of the proposed improvements.

Step 2: A full analysis of the property with a detailed tour by a staging professionals that involves notes and pictures taking (with clients approval).

Step 3: A complete "action plan" report will be provided to you after the consultation. If you choose to undertake the works yourself there is an additional fee for the written report.

The comprehensive written report will include among others:

  • Room-by-room instructions how to improve your home's marketability
  • Plan of works to be carried out
  • A cost estimate
  • Photographs of each space to be staged
  • A check list for you to follow while presenting your home

A written quote for all suggestions that have been made during the consultation is provided, at this time you can schedule Vision Dekor to carry out the complete staging.

Consultation time: 1-3 hours.

Price: Based on the living areas of your property and plus the cost of comprehensive written report if its required.

Complete Staging

Step 1: Following the consultation and based on the report we will discuss your priorities and expectations. Together we will establish a realistic budget and timeline, depending on how much work you want Vision Dekor to do and the number of rooms to stage.

Step 2: Preparation work consists of removing clutter, packing, storing , organizing and cleaning.

Step 2: Improvements and repairs if needed minor repairs and renovations would be carried out (painting, flooring, lighting, landscaping).

For steps 1 and 2 a detailed proposal will be presented listing the different tradesmen recommended to implement the changes.
You may choose to accept this proposal or you may choose to hire your own people.

Step 3: After Step 1 & 2, it will become necessary to give your home some ambiance in order to make it sparkle. This step involves furniture placement, mood development and accessorizing. If needed some articles will be rented, with your authorization of course. This is a crucial step for your property to appeal to potential buyers.

Time: 3-10 days according to work that must be done.

Price: Based on the living areas of your property and the extent of the works.

One day staging

Step 1: De-personalization and de-cluttering. Before the one day transformation a verbal consultation is provided recommending de- cluttering and de-personalizing to be done before we will proceed with the one day transformation.

Step 2: The one day transformation consists of:

Furniture placement Your furniture will be strategically placed to enhance features of each room and maximize the value of your property. Possibly, some furniture will be reassigned to other rooms or put into storage.

Mood development To liven-up your home, it will be necessary to give it some ambiance. This is crucial in order to seduce potential buyers on many levels: lighting, smell, music. 

Accessorizing This will include the strategic positioning of some of your decorating objects,arrangement of art work and plants.

Transformation time:  8- 10 hours. Transformation fee: based on the living areas of your property

The one day staging is carried out by a team of two, to accomplish this transformation it is necessary to work with your furniture and your accessories. There will be no subcontracting.

Open house preparation and hosting

Market exposure of your house to potential buyers and to individuals who will talk about your home to others is essential to the fast sale of your property.

Preparation of the property for viewing , one day staging could be the option.